'When the sun rises the moon leaves sight. When true knowledge illuminates ignorance is eradicated.' - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee - Ang 791 SGGS

We at would like to thank scholars trained by Gurmat Giyaan Missionary College, Ludhiana for their momentous achievement in reaching a milestone in Gurmat Parchar:

Above: Scholarly Gurcharn Brar Jeonwala

Above: Scholarly Inder Ghagga

Sadh Sangat Jee, aside from the humorous element of this a great tragedy beholds us. Katha is the name given to the explanation of Gurbani or Sikh history (Gur-Itihaas). In the Bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj a person that narrates katha is given great respect; somewhere that person is addressed as ‘Gur-Meeth’ a friend of the Guru (Ang 725) and in other places such a being is described as having pleased the Guru (Ang 164). The above are recognized as renowned ‘Katha-Vachaks’/scholars of the Panth by many organisations that feature their articles on websites and invite them to various Gurdwaras worldwide. What can we say to such people?

Although we may laugh it disgusts us that many people just to address their personal rivalry with certain organizations and individuals choose the path of promoting and propagating such individuals and their views through the stage of the Guru. We request such people to not provoke the wrath of Guru Sahib and their Sangat for this gross insult of the Guru’s stage. Historically katha has been performed by the great scholar and contemporary of Guru Sahib: Bhai Gurdas Sahib Jee and by the great martyr of the panth Bhai Mani Singh Jee Shaheed, this mockery of the traditions and values of the Khalsa should not be tolerated.

Important: Inder Singh Ghaggha is the tutor of ‘Prof’ Sarbjit Singh Dhunda – the young messiah to heretics at the Gurmat Missionary College Ludhiana. Sadh-sangat Jee, they have a problem with Charitropaakhyaan because they allege it to be ‘sexual’ and ‘pornographic’ but their repeated attempts to spew venomous attacks on Gurbani only tell us about their own mentality and sexual frustration. In other words, these repressed senior citizens view Gurbani with their own filtered vision of filth. Evidence of this is that Ghagga at his ripe age with a white beard talks about adolescent girls and boys in the following manner as if he were narrating his disgusting fantasies. Readers age discretion is advised:

Jeonwala places foot on Steek of Gurbani

In the end this is all the game of the Creator Lord and we must not become disheartened or discouraged from Sikhi or the Panth because at the end, rest assured, that the truth will prevail. There would only be need for panic and grave concern if Maharaj Sahib Jee had not told us of the nature of Kalyug. Along with this many Gursikhs have forewarned us of the time that awaits us and this is a rapid decline towards it.

The team of would like to request all the youth of the Panth that the time we have now is of essence, we should all play a part in countering this filth and making the sangat aware but the hatred of such villains should not distract us from our true mission in this human life form. Their aim is to distract us from reading and understanding Gurbani and we should not be hindered from this in any circumstance because that is the reason behind our weakness. Guru Sahib bless us all with Khalsa Jeevan.