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The 'professorship' of preacher Dhunda in dispute

Indian newspaper 'Rozana Spokesman Article' translated

Chandigarh, 9 January (Gurpreet Mehak): A dispute has arisen regarding the 'professorship' of preacher Sarbjit Singh Dhunda. The head of the religious education department of Punjabi University, Patiala : Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu has voiced his objections. Dr Pannu has said that there has been an advert published regarding the America tour of 'professor; Sarbjit Singh Dhunda. (He said) We are alarmed at the use of Prof. with his name. Dr Pannu has said that the sangat wishes to know that in what university and for what subject is Sarbjit a professor for. He has claimed that this is a ill found tradition carried by many ambigous preachers who without any ability place 'professor or principal' before or after their names. This tradition should be stopped so that intellectuals are not misled by it.

Dr Pannu said that when he contacted the public relations representative of Dhunda, Rachpaal Singh he tried to find out the truth behind this. Dr Pannnu asked where Dhunda had been appointed professor to which racchpal Singh said he did not know and for more information Dr Pannu should contact Amritpal Singh. Amritpal Singh said he knew Dhunda to an extent and replied that Sarbjit went and educated youths about Sikhi at the Missionary college once annualy. Dr Pannu informed Amritpal Singh of the time needed to achieve to be awared a professorship to which he got the following reply from Amritpal Singh:

"Pannu Sahib, you are an arrogant human being and that is why you are arrogant over your professorship and their is nothing wrong with an individual using professor before their name".