'When the sun rises the moon leaves sight. When true knowledge illuminates ignorance is eradicated.' - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee - Ang 791 SGGS


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For one, aside this issue, if in the future someone proposed the idea of those disabled in a certain way (blind or with a limb amputated etc) as being part of the Panj Piyare to administer Amrit on the basis of the Disablity Act, would we as a Panth accept? Would we accept the ‘Anand Karaj Sanskaar’ of homosexual couples on the basis of another equality act? The Akal Thakth superseding all international law has discerned its position at least settling the latter issue and the issue in hand (Aadesh regarding chairs from Sri Akal Thakht Sahib dated 22/11/2013).

Whether or not Paul Uppal is aware of ‘Gurmath Sidhant’ - the fundamental principles of the Sikh faith one such principle is to never raise another authority in front of both the Guru and the Guru Panth. By bringing his position and quoting an ‘act’ of law in front of a Gurdwara Committee that has been elected to serve the Sangat he has acted in a way that is both objectionable and is worthy of public apology to the Sangat.

Now, addressing the issue of chairs in the Diwaan hall our position is clear. British law works, as the MP will most likely know, by judging on legal precedence (stare decisis). In layman’s terms this is the responsibility of passing judgment by a judge or magistrate on the account of the consequences of a similar, previous court case. In the house of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee there is only one judge:

And history records that these people, the Hari Key, slowly depleted, diminished and lost all the power that they had. In the lines after these Satguru Jee explains the importance of respecting those greater than ones self as well. Does this not set a precedent for the custom of the Guru’s Darbar? Or, does this further demonstrate the sheer disregard to equate the Shabadh Guru with the bodily forms of Satguru Sahib Jee? Do such people actually perceive or attempt to see Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee as the physical form of Guru Nanak Dev Jee?
Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Jee too, who kept 2200 horsemen with them at all times but did not fight a single battle as per the command of the previous Guru explained in one incident relating to the respect of Gurbanhee:

Jin Bhai Adhab Na Baanhee Dhaara; So Jaanahu Nahee Sikh Hamaaraa.

Those that do not keep the respect of Banhee; recognize them not as my Sikhs.

This is when Satguru Har Rai Sahib Jee got up quickly and injured their knee on the legs of the bed when some Sangat had come and sat on the floor performing Keertan when Satguru Jee was on their bed. So, when Satguru Sahib Jee have so firmly in these incidents and countless more narrated the importance of the respect of Gurbanhee why are they deliberately pushing themselves and many others into the pit of:

Finally it has come to notice that although arrangements should be made and we do not oppose them it has come to light that at many places because of the lax attitude of the committees, or officials representing the Gurdwara Boards, these provisions are being misused. Many well able people use them knowing that they will not be approached or reprimanded and this blame falls on the hands of such management committees. Gone are the days when honorary saints such as Baba Nand Singh Jee, of Nanaksar Kaleran would sit under the level of the Saadh Sangat to demonstrate their humility and devotion.